How Does Flip30 Wor...

How Does Flip30 Work?  



How does Flip30 Work.....and how do I buy stuff?

1 Answer

I would like to say that it is as easy as finding a product you like at a great price....adding it to your cart...and checking out.......and the thing that it is pretty much that easy! There are just a few things you may want to know first.


  • 30 Minute Deals (FLIPS) - Items that are offered for only 30 Minutes at a time at up to 90% Off! These items can only get purchased while they are LIVE (FLIP is active for that item) and sometimes these items get repeated a few times a day (for 30 minutes at a time) and on and off during the week. *The first 5 of each item sold is at it's BEST PRICE (many times at least 5% lower!).
  • DEAL OF THE DAY OR WEEK - These items are offered for a day or week at a time at a great discount.
  • LAST CALL - These items usually have just one or two left in inventory and are sold at a discount until gone (sold out).


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